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Our major Wind Event Woolnorth Homestead & historic precinct 11 May 2015

A significant wind event in an isolated area of the Homestead has caused devastating damage to farm and historic buildings.

The worst affected wooden structure is the Arena built in the 1960s during the management era of Blythe Ritchie as an indoor working area to train and exhibit the working Quarter horses he bred on the property. Debris from this building impacted on the office and machinery structure, once used as the Stables for the Quarter horse stud, only 30m away causing considerable damage and making this building unusable at this time.

The school bus parked in the shelter of these buildings and surrounding hedges was destroyed by flying debris. Almost 100m across the yard the Provisions store, mythically called a Jail, built in the early 1830’s had its roof ripped off causing one of the brick walls to collapse.

The whole site is being assessed by insurers, Workplace Safety & Heritage representatives and advice sought from Heritage experts in an effort to preserve the site and surrounding buildings of historical significance to retain the integrity of this historic precinct.

Remarkably there was no damage done to Cookhouse Cottage (1831) located within 20m of this carnage.

Until the site is made safe, debris removed and loose materials removed access is restricted to those involved in this process. Managing Director Mr Trevor Westacott estimated to cost of repair in excess of $1 million

Tours remain available into others areas of the property and will resume as soon as reinstatement of this area is made.


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